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Stage moving head lights common faults and solutions
Release Date: [2018/2/7 17:32:49]    Total read [1045] Times
Stage moving head light common fault has a moving head as a whole without electricity, the bulb is not bright, the bulb is not controlled or suddenly blown up, etc., in the event of failure, usually to the scene caused great embarrassment and inconvenience. Let's find a solution.
Common fault one: moving head light as a whole without electricity
1. Check the power cord for any problems.
2. Check that the fuse of the power supply socket is burnt.
3. Open the lamp base panel, check the ballast is powered, the internal switch cable is a drop phenomenon.
4. Open the lamp body two shell, near the location of the bulb to check whether the temperature control failure.
Common fault two: moving head light bulb does not shine
1. Open the lamp body to check whether the light bulb or black, if there are two above the phenomenon, please replace the lamp and then try again.
2. Open the lamp body two shells, lamp posts installed on the trigger, check the trigger wiring is black, if there is to replace the trigger.
Common failure three: shaking his head light bulb when not bright
1. Check the lamp is white, black or up, there are several cases, please replace the lamp, so as to avoid damage to the product.
2. Check the fan on both sides of the bulb is working properly, if there is bad, please replace the fan;
3. Please open two shells, in the pattern and the color of the layer that there is a white temperature control to see if it burned (if it will not destroy the bubble);
4. Open the lamp body two shells, in the bulb on the tail of the cooling window, after a long time will plug the airway out of the way, if the dust window full of dust, please clean (this cooling window is best every month clean One effect best).
Common failure four: moving head light bulb blown away
1. First check whether the voltage between 220V-230V, if more than 230V can blow the possibility of the bubble (so that the premises should be installed regulator);
2. If there is a bubble, please check whether this bubble is due to the long working life caused by (usually the normal life of domestic light bulbs in 300-500 hours);
3. Is there a problem with the quality of the bulb?
4. If the above three methods are not, it may be a ballast problems.
Common fault five: moving head light is not controlled?
1. Check if the address code is logarithmic? If the address code pair is not controlled, check that the signal cable has no connection and check whether the connection between the carriage and the card leader is in a bad condition (bad contact)
2: If the address code on the case, the signal line edge no problem in the case, the address code at the DMX light will flash normally, if not flash is a connection problem;
3. With the same console to go to a separate connection to make a light test, if there is no problem, it proved that the lamp is not controlled board or display board problems.
Common fault six: shaking his head off the belt?
1. If the lamp body X / Y axis are not responding, but the console and other lights are normal operation, there may be broken belt;
2. If the X-axis does not move, but Y-axis, or X-axis movement, but the Y-axis does not move, may be broken belt;
3. If there is more than the above phenomenon, you can turn off the lights in the case of hand to move X / Y move, feel if there is a belt in the lead, if it is very easy to move very easy to move, it proved broken belt The
Common fault seven: moving head lights out of step phenomenon?
1. If the moving head lights out like a phenomenon of out of step, please re-edit the program to try again;
2. If it is not enough, it proves that a function of a motor or motherboard of an IC burned out.
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