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Changsha 300-inch LED large screen invites you to watch the World Cup
Release Date: [2018/2/7 14:58:57]    Total read [883] Times

      June 10, the South African World Cup official curtain. Changsha Window enormous amount of money from the Konka Group, purchased the first block of 300-inch high-definition Hunan big screen, fans and friends will be broadcast live World Cup matches.
      In line with the "South Africa Night," the World Cup theme activities, Changsha Window spend millions, Konka Group, purchased from a 300-inch LED display. During the event, Window of the World Cup will be broadcast internationally Street home, the big screen in the viewing area in front of tourists can be comfortable regardless of the location in which to enjoy the game live.
      According to Wang, all to the window on the world watch during the World Cup visitors can receive a free can of beer per person. During the event, every night after 6 pm, half-price tickets for all citizens can enjoy the preferential policies. In order to bring the most die-hard fans &#118alue for money, Window of the World also launched the "Window of the World Cup Package" $ 300 to enter the Window of the World Cup during the night watch the game.

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