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330w LED Follow Spot Profile Light
330w LED Follow Spot Profile Light
Voltage :AC110-240V 50Hz/60Hz.
Light source: 330w LED
Color: a wheel 6 color (1 color pattern, 5 solid colors)
Logo design can be customized (additional charge is required).
Control system: self-matching knob control.
Control mode: single mode.
Cooling system: high strength air cooling.
Aperture effect: aperture size adjustable.
Safety measures: meet various safety standards,IP20 protection grade, power line character.
Combined with ce20/22, high temperature automatic cutting protection device.
Outer shell: aluminum alloy package edge.
Machine size: 64CMX28CMX34CM (length, width, height)
Air box size: 69cm, 38cm, 57cm (long, wide, high)
Net weight: 9.8kg

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