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K20 37*15W Bee Eye Moving Head Wash Light
37*15W LED Zoom Wash Big Eyes K20

Voltage: 100-240v, 50/60Hz, input voltage: 750VA
Light source: 37 15W Osram RGBW LED, Led Life: 50,000 hours
Optical: 4°-60° electronic zoom range
3 operating modes: wall washing, beam, FX (Kaleidoscope effect)
Double rotating front lens, digital wall washing, beam effect
Beam softening control, pixel pattern macros can enhance control
0-100% linear electronic dimming, adjustable speed stop/strobe effect, instantaneous defoaming
Dedicated to the color temperature setting of the channel, white CT simulation 2500-8000K
RGBW automatically adjusts to lamp CT simulation, simulates tungsten light bulb
Slow strobe: 1 flash / sec; high speed strobe: 25 flash / sec
Control channel: 21/32/132/169 standard channel mode
DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX512
Display: Graphic LCD backlight B / W display
Horizontal / vertical resolution: 16 bits, dimming resolution: 16 bits
Motion Control: Vector, MX Signal Connection: 3 and 5 pin XLR inputs and outputs
Structure: Die-cast aluminum + plastic cover, both sides of the arm and horizontal locking for easy transportation and maintenance of lamps
Through the movement of the three-box stepper motor, the horizontal and vertical can automatically retrieve the reset after accidental misoperation.
Level: 540 degrees Vertical: 270 degrees
Long life, backup battery, automatic charging; preset color and graphic effect macro
The reset function can be controlled by a central controller, the menu-driven built-in self-test function, and the Ethernet is connected to the RJ45 socket.
Backlit black and white graphic LCD display, electronically check each parameter to form a parameter error alarm
DMX level monitoring is available throughout each channel for automatic internal data transfer diagnostic errors.

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