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USB 1024 Lightjockey software Lighting Controller

Specification of 1024  Lightjockey software:

Stage Lighting controller Software Control System :
1. USB-DMX signal decoding, stable output
2. Support decoding several USB-DMX

1. USB-DMX signal decoding, stable output
2. Support decoding several USB-DMX
3. Support PC or Offline operatation mode option
4. Build 3D stage effect on the spot, 3D can be shown the light effect at the same time
5. Can be combined audio and vedio and light effect at the same time to build music show, drapping and dropping, moving & extending on the timescale audio and vedio to set start and ending time of light effect.
6. Provided USB with memory function, can be operated alone and activated the needed stage lighting memory.
7. Containing Fixture database.
8. Build your own Fixture data file or modify exisiting fixture datas, all effects will be included (color, gobo rotating & prism and so on)
9. Supplied avant-grade designed programm with console
10. Can set every step running effect and running & break time
11. AVI output 3D lighting effect
On consideration of fully install this set system, we strongly suggest recommended computer

Laptop or desktop computer with USB port
WindowsXP WIN 7 or other updated version

800X600 screen resolution (suggest 1280X1024)

512M memory (suggest 1G)
Main clock frequency 800MHz (suggest 1.56GHz)

exisiting memory, support 3D software running VGA card (the latest series can be achieved the best effect)

packing list for each unit

1: lightjockey controller

2: usb cable

3: usb 

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