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31eyes Led Television/Car Exhibition Light
Rated voltage: AC90-240V
Rated frequency: 50-60HZ ± 10%
Rated power: 330W
Fuse: AC250V / 5A
Number of beads: 31 10W Career CREE XML white light super bright light beads
Drive current: 3A
Refresh rate: 297.62K
Lamp color temperature: 7000 ~ 7500K
Beam angle: 8 degrees / 15 degrees / 25 degrees / 40 degrees
Life: 100,000 hours
Control protocol: International standard DMX-512 signal
Channel protocol: 2 DMX control channel mode, P1 mode, P2 mode selectable (1CH / 3CH)
Control mode: DMX-512 signal control mode, self-control mode, master-slave control mode, static mode, LED display
Dimming mode: DIMMER 0 is normal fast linear dimming, DIMMER 1-9 is soft non-linear dimming
Dimming effect: 0-100 linear dimming
Strobe speed: 1-20Hz
Optical lens: bead honeycomb type PMMA secondary optical lens
Beam angle: 25 degrees (optional 8 degrees)
Product surface treatment: die-casting aluminum, high temperature black paint
Lamp link: signal line IN / OUT, power cord POWER CONIN / OUT
Cooling mode: fan cooling mode
Temperature protection: 65 degrees
Working environment: indoors
Ambient temperature: minus 20 degrees to zero 40 degrees
Product Size: 430 * 268 * 268 (without hanger)
Product weight: 6.1KG

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